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As described below, the various CAD designs are required under individual circumstances, and incorporate different design principles:

General Arrangements - These drawings are generally 3-4 pages in length. They are intended to show the general layout of all the equipment on site in order to form  an agreement between the Site Provider and Telecom Services Provider as well as to obtain building permits when required.

Legal/License Drawings - Similar to the General Arrangement, they are approximately the same length, but can also be used as a legally binding agreement between the two parties, as well as for granting a license for the RF equipment on site. They are not as detailed as GA’s however.

Planning Application/Retention (Zoning) Drawings - These drawings are generally 8-10 pages in length, and show all of the equipment on site as per each Local Government planning drawing requirements. These are used for building approval from the Local Government, but as each local County can have different planning requirements, the drawings can vary depending on where planning approval is required.

Detailed Designs - These drawings can range anywhere from 8-20+ pages in length, depending on the construction requirements for the site. They are used for the sole purpose of building the site, and will contain all the required details, whether it’s for building an entire site with a new structure, or for locating equipment on an existing building or tower.

As-Builts - These drawings are typically the same length as the Detailed Designs, but show the existing site conditions after construction has been completed. These are typically used for a record of the recently installed equipment, but are also used for quality control and to check whether the final installation has deviated from the overall design. Even for an older site, As-Built drawings may be useful for documenting all of the existing equipment in order to have a permanent record on file for future reference.
Site Inspection Services
CAD Design Services
As wireless networks grow and expand, more and more wireless equipment is required to meet the additional demand, whether in rural or urban areas. Your network coverage area might require a new site with a new tower or monopole, or be able to utilize existing telecom structures and buildings. We can meet all of your CAD design requirements for your wireless infrastructure.

KN Consulting provides the following CAD design services, but is not limited to:

General Arrangement Drawings
Legal/License Drawings
Local Government Planning Application Drawings
Detailed Designs (Construction)
As-Built Drawings
Before the creation of CAD drawings for network upgrades and site buildouts, every site must be measured and inspected to create accurate designs. This would include performing all the necessary measurements and inspections at wireless communications sites (future and existing) required for the final development of the overall site design.

Such field measurements could include: inspecting as existing tower, taking ground measurements within as existing compound, noting the existing equipment and space available within an equipment shelter, mapping a building rooftop and determining the most appropriate locations for equipment, measuring and determining antenna cable and power cable runs, inspecting existing structures, analyzing health and safety issues, as so on. Ultimately, it is the accuracy of measurements and collected data from the initial site inspections that produce high quality final CAD designs.

KN Consulting has performed hundreds of site inspections, and can easily conduct a site survey for our clients if required. Or, if the potential site has already been surveyed, we can work off your existing site measurements in order to complete the CAD drawings as well.